Board Positions



The President shall:

o Be the chief executive officer of the Chapter. As such, represent, coordinate and approve all Chapter matters related to or communicated with EWB-USA,
o Coordinate between the Chapter, the West Chapter Region, and EWB-USA,
o Ensure that all orders and resolutions of the Chapter are carried into effect,
o Be the central point of contact with all Professional Organizations and all other organizations associated or supportive of the Chapter,
o Have cosignatory power over the Chapter’s account with the Treasurer,
o Prepare agendas for both the Executive and Board of Directors meetings,
o Ensure that all Board’s conference notes, orders, resolutions and resulting meeting action items are correct and carried into effect,
o Initiate ad hoc committees as seen fit, with the approval of the Executive Board,
o Ensure that no positions associated with Chapter and Project Leadership are vacant,
o Initiate ad hoc committees as seen fit, with the approval of the Executive Board,
o Preside over all the Executive Board and Board Directors meetings of the Chapter,
o Assist with fundraising,
o Lead annual elections of members to the various Chapter Boards,
o Assist with membership recruitment,
o Represent the Chapter at public engagements,
o Be the last person to review and approve reports to EWB-USA.

President Elect:

The duty of the President-Elect shall be to familiarize oneself with Chapter affairs and functions and to help conduct the business of the Chapter as deemed appropriate by the President. The President-Elect will serve as President in the successive term.

The President-Elect shall:

o Assist the President in the Chapter’s internal and external operations,
o In the absence or disability of the President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President,
o Assist the other Executive Officers with chapter management tasks as needed,
o Participate in all Executive and Board of Directors meetings.

Vice President of Projects:

The Vice President of Projects shall:

o Coordinate with the Project Team Leaders to ensure that the Chapter and EWB-USA project management practices are followed in the execution of projects,
o Oversee the status of EWB-USA approved projects associated with the Chapter,
o Ensure that all projects meet EWB-USA procedures
o Assist in establishing project teams, schedules, goals and budgets,
o Oversee that projects are following established timeline and budget,
o Review and approve reports to be send to EWB-USA
o Maintain the Chapter Project Handbook (fluid document) that includes project process steps, lessons learned, list of Chapter resources and any other material that may be relevant to project teams,
o Pertaining to communication, holder of position shall:
- Participate in all Executive Board and Board of Directors meetings,
- Relay needs and report on progress of Project teams to the Executive Board,
- Report information from Executive Board and EWB-USA back to Project leads,
- Conduct monthly phone conference or personal meetings with all Project leads (recommended). Does not necessarily attend all team meetings, but attend them at own discretion. Other members such as President, Treasurer, and Fundraising Coordinator etc. may be included on a need-be basis,
- Ensure that Project teams have some forum of communicating and learning from each other so they do not feel isolated from the Chapter. Provide a platform for leads to build a relationship –monthly meeting or a more informal gathering based on your discretion,
o Holder of position shall have Project Management experience and direct experience on EWB projects and have a thorough understanding of EWB-USA procedures, or experience, which is deemed relevant by the Board.


The Secretary shall:
o Handles secretarial tasks such as:
 Arranging and recording meeting events,
 Keeping the Dropbox folder organized,
 Getting new members access to the data storage media (Dropbox),
 Sending out meeting reminders,
 Keeping the team's Google calendar up-to-date,
 Preparing facility and equipment for team meetings.
o Record and distribute minutes of the Board of Directors and Executive Team Meetings.
o In close cooperation with the Coordinators and Officers of the chapter, assist in maintaining consistent and ongoing communication between the Chapter, its members, sponsors and EWB-USA
o Maintain and update records of the membership status of all chapter members in close cooperation with the Membership Coordinator.
o Maintain records of elections.
o Be available to provide documents as requested and field questions from project leads and voting members regarding board member activities, Chapter functions, Bylaws and such.
o Participate in all Executive and Board of Directors meetings.
o Maintain and update official copies of the Constitution and Bylaws.


The Treasurer shall:

o Receive, account and report to EWB-USA, all income and account and report to EWB-USA all approved expenditures of the Chapter as per the EWB-USA Financial Policies and Guidelines,
o Prepare the financial section of the Annual Report of the Chapter for the use by the Past President,
o Be responsible for the accounts of the Chapter and be subject to audit as prescribed in the Bylaws of the Chapter,
o Have cosignatory power with the President over the Chapter’s account,
o Prepare a record of transaction and financial forecast on a monthly basis to be reviewed and accepted at the monthly Board of Directors meetings,
o Assist the Project Teams and Coordinators in the preparation and presentation of their Budgets and financial forecasts,
o Participate in all Executive and Board of Directors Meetings.
o Assist with fundraising.

Past President:

The Past President shall:

o Prepare and submit the Annual Report to West Coast Region of EWB-USA.
o Promote the Chapter.

The Past-President is not a voting member of the Executive Board, yet may be called upon to cast a deciding vote in the instance of a Presidential vote tie.

Projects Positions


Project Team Leader:

The Project Team Leader is the overall coordinator for the project, and reports project execution status to the Chapter Board and EWB-USA management.
The Project Team Leader is responsible for the execution of the project in accordance to the Chapter and EWB-USA requirements. She/he shall work very closely with the chapter’s Vice President of Projects.
The Project Team Leader shall:
o Must understand project management concepts and have acceptable Project Management experience

o Have a clear understanding of the project so as to define the project Scope, Schedule, and Budgets.

o Approve all travel teams, arrangements, and expenditures (advances and invoices).

o Have a clear understanding of EWB-USA Project Process and requirements as the project moves from: Project Identification, Assessment, Design, Implementation (Construction), and into Sustainability (Monitoring and Evaluation)

o Draft and approve Project’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and update it throughout the life of the project.

o Develop and maintains a project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). This document identifies all major Technical and Non-technical tasks and shows the personnel assigned to lead and to execute the work.

o Select a Technical Lead and an Administrative Lead to assist with the management and the delegation of duties and responsibilities associated with the project. Prior appointment review selection with the Board.

o Ensure that all aspects (technical and non-technical items) are covered as required and in accordance the project scope, schedule, and budget requirements.

o Review and approve designs, schedules (design and construction) and budgets.

o Ensure that changes to the budget are identified in a timely manner, and lead or support activities directed to seeking the funding required.

o Ensure that all EWB-USA reports (technical and non-technical items) are prepared and issued as required.

o Coordinate preparation of all TAC presentations and leads the meetings.

o Be the primary contact with the in-country Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), local authorities, and local supporters.

o Assign responsibility for and be aware of all communication with other project partners including, Local Authorities, and community leaders.

o Conduct regular project status meetings (recommended twice monthly)

o For Project meetings, prepare agenda; set team action items; prepare or delegate preparation of running action item list; monitor action item completion.

o Attend monthly Board Meetings in person, or assigns a representative to attend in their place , to report project needs and status.

o Identify additional technical and non-technical volunteer requirements to the Board.

o For Board Meeting, prepares monthly Project Status Report (Snapshot) and other information as required.

o Leads the Sustainability Team, the group in charge of making sure that the community is properly educated so as to ensure that the project will be properly administrated, operated, and maintained.

Technical Lead:

Overall, the technical lead is responsible for all the technical components of the project.
The Technical Lead shall:
o Identify and lead all Technical tasks and assign groups or individuals to handle them

o Regularly review assignments related to technical sub-areas.

o Oversee all technical components of the alternatives assessment and design efforts.

o Liaise with team members and groups to ensure timely completion of deliverables.

o Conduct formal reviews of conceptual design, 50% design, and ready for construction design.
o Prepare for project meetings, and the reporting on status of action items

o Identify additional volunteer requirements to the Project Lead

o Identify the technical information required for and from all field trips.

o Draft all Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) for services from skilled labor project partners during assessment and implementation.

o Lead report writing for technical sections of all submittals, assigning sections to relevant groups.

o Identify technical components, assign design drawings, develop Bill of Materials, and write facilities description for all implementation trips.

o Oversee the development of construction schedules, skilled labor requirements, material purchase and delivery coordination.

o Oversee development of cost estimates, payment advances and review of invoices.

o Lead preparation of Technical materials for all TAC presentations

o Draft guidelines and oversee development of Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance manuals.

o Key member of the Sustainability Team.

Administrative Lead:

Overall, the Administrative Lead is responsible for all non-technical components of the project.
The Administrative Lead shall:
o Assign someone to handles traditional secretarial tasks such as:

- Arrange and record meeting events.
- Keep the Dropbox folder organized.
- Getting new members access to the data storage media (dropbox).
- Sending out meeting reminders.
- Keeping the team's Google calendar up-to-date.
- Prepare facility and equipment for team meetings

o Be thoroughly familiar with all non-technical items and all EWB-USA project reporting requirements, formats, and deadlines.

o Identify Non-technical tasks and assign groups or individuals to handle them.

o Liaise with team members (technical and non-technical) and regularly review assignments and the timely completion of deliverables.

o Lead and review all reporting writing (technical and non-technical) for all submittals, assigning and coordinating sections with the relevant groups.

o Assemble complete budget including all non-technical (travel, logistics, preparation) and all technical (material, skilled labor) expenses.

o Coordinate with fundraising committee for funding requirements, contributions to grant applications, and actively participate in fundraising events and presentations.

o Identify additional volunteer requirements to the Project Lead

o Prepare for project meetings, and the reporting on status of action items.

o Organize and coordinate all EWB-USA requirements related to field trips such as immunizations, health and safety preparations, passports, security measures, transport and housing, etc.

o Identify the non-technical information required for and from all field trips.

o Draft outline and oversee development of non-technical items in the Educational, Operation, Monitoring, and Maintenance manuals.

o Identify Monitoring Requirements for Previous Projects completed in the community.

o Key member of the Sustainability Team.

Coordinator Positions


Fundraising Coordinator:

The Fundraising Coordinator shall:

o Review the annual fundraising goal in close cooperation with the Board of Directors

o Maintain close communication with all Project Leads to identify fundraising needs and ensuring the Project Team have enough support to meet their budget forecasts and fundraising goals

o Organize a Fundraising Committee Team and identify the following subcommittee team leads: grant writer, corporate contact liaison, Rotary liaison and event coordinator

o Hold Fundraising Team meetings with the team members and, on an as needed basis, with the Public Relations Coordinator , Project Team representatives and Treasurer, to come up with a strategy for each Project and track fundraising progress

o Help coordinate fundraising efforts between different Projects

o Participate in monthly Board of Directors meetings

Membership Coordinator:

The Membership Coordinator will engage current membership and draw in new members by creating outreach opportunities and maintaining membership information. This is a key role within the organization and actively interacts with members of the Board.
The Membership Coordinator shall:

o Attend monthly Board of Directors meetings to ascertain the membership needs from Project Leads and Committees

o Organize General meetings. Tasks associated with this include:

o Determine a date and arranging for a meeting location

o Arrange for a speaker

o Update the website calendar with details and agenda of the meeting

o Provide meeting information for creation of invitations and e-blast

o Take RSVPs

o Follow up with those who attended

o Maintain an up-to-date database of members including contact information, skills, interest etc. for role specific outreach

o Be responsible for maintaining the “Volunteer” portion of the website, including posting open positions

o Reach out personally to new members who sign up through EWB-USA and our website

o Support all email blast needs as required by Board members, Team Leaders, and any other committee leader.

Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator:

The Public Relations/Marketing Coordinator shall:

o Work with Board Members, Project Team leads, and Coordinators to develop and update PR releases, newsletters and annual reports
o Serve as primary liaison and outreach to media
o Cooperate closely with the person in charge of the Chapter web site design and maintenance.
o Send regular communications to Chapter membership advertising upcoming events and any project help requirements
o Attend all local Chapter events and take notes and photographs for future news articles and press releases
o Plan and direct the development of informational programs to maintain favorable public and membership perceptions of the Chapter’s accomplishments and agenda
o Arrange frequent public appearances, lectures, or exhibits for the Chapter to increase program awareness and to promote goodwill.
o Ensure that the EWB-USA style/identity guidelines are followed
o Participate in monthly Board of Directors meetings.

Website/Data Coordinator:

Website and all Electronic Media Coordinator shall:
o Perform duties similar to those of Corporate Information Manager.
o Maintain the online data storage systems for all Chapter data. Develop, implement, and manage standardized data storage for all Projects and Chapter data. Develop and manage backups of online data. Manage security and access for online data.
o Maintain the Chapter's website including the Calendar and other sections as needed
o Manage the Chapter's email accounts and access to them
o Identify and procure information which would be especially valuable to the Chapter or Projects
o Provide the Board with audits and IT-related advise as needed

ASCE/Professional Organizations Liason:

The ASCE Liaison shall:

o Maintain close contacts with the Orange County Chapter of ASCE and its Board of Directors, and any other professional organizations partnering with the chapter.
o Attend the ASCE Board of Directors meetings on a regular basis
o Define and support the execution of joint projects, both locally and internationally, that will benefit the Mission of both organizations.
o Initiate the publication of articles regarding the Chapter’s activities in the ASCE Newsletter
o Support the Fundraising Coordinator’s efforts with ASCE, its members and its corporate partners.
o Support the Membership Coordinator’s membership drive at ASCE.
o Attend the Chapter Board of Directors meetings and report of the status of the ASCE cooperation.
o Coordinate potential joint events with Events Coordinator

Student Chapter Liason:

The Student Chapter Liaison shall:

o Serve as the primary point of contact to all registered EWB-USA student chapters within the Orange County region, and any chapters outside that region in the Southern California area whom do not have a closer Professional Chapter.
o Attend periodic group meetings, either in person or remotely at the student chapters (checking in on progress at least once per month). Meet the chapters in person a minimum of twice per year.
o Report student chapter progress and help needs to the Professional Chapter at the Board of Director meetings.
o Organize and match any specific mentorship or skills oversight, required by the student chapter project, with the professional chapter membership.







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